3A Regional baseball not kind to valley teams

Alamosa Baseball settles in for some words of wisdom from Head Coach Jason Romero after Saturday's regional tournament. (Courier photo by Stephen Jiron)

ALAMOSA — As the week came to a close both Alamosa and Centauri were prepared to test their fates in their respective tournaments. Alamosa baseball hosted their regional tournament, while Centauri baseball traveled to Delta for regional play.  

The Falcons suffered a 22-4 loss at the hands of host Delta. Alamosa advanced to their championship with a theatric 5-4 win over St. Mary’s. The Moose ran out of magic in the championship game falling 11-10 to Peak to Peak’s Pumas.

Centauri made the trip to the north on Saturday to face Delta. The Falcons got runs on the board but couldn’t keep pace with Delta. A one run deficit after the first frame was widened to seven in the second and fourteen in the third. Cimmaron Maestas batted in three runners to lead Centauri Saturday. Martin Garcia led the Falcons from the mound.

The Moose were rewarded fittingly for their historic season by earning the right to host a regional tournament. In their first contest Alamosa surrendered two runs in the first frame, and were slow to answer back. The Alamosa batters struggled to solve St. Mary hurler Edwin Romo, finally evening the game at two a piece in the fourth inning.

The Pirates would take another lead at the top of the six when they added two more runs. A three run seventh inning bailed Alamosa out extending their season to the championship. While Alamosa rested, Peak to Peak and Weld County did battle for the right to face the Moose, the Pumas were victorious.

With their seasons in the balance the Pumas and Moose began a war of attrition. Peak to Peak would open a two run lead and Alamosa matched for a 2-2 third inning. Both teams added runs in the fourth frame for a 4-4 game. The Pumas took advantage of errors in the fifth inning while adding runs in the sixth and seventh to put Alamosa in a 9-4 bind in the bottom of the seventh.

In what looked like the final frame, Caden Alonzo would single, being replaced on first base by John Lujan. Lujan cut the lead to three runs but the odds for Alamosa got longer as the first two outs got used up. With their backs to the wall Alamosa went to work.

A double from Gage Calder, a walk of Jared Carson and a single by Ben Wuckert loaded the bases. Kaden Hardesty forced Calder home on a walk to make it a two-run game. ‘The Good the Bad and the Ugly’ theme summoned Tyler Zimmerman.  Zimmerman's ensuing base hit got Carson home, and an error at first base went out of play advancing Wuckert in for the tying run to keep the game going.

The ninth inning picked up scoring on both teams. The Pumas challenged with a two run homer in the top of the frame. Alamosa answered with one final run on the board bringing the 11-10 roller coaster to a close. For Alamosa there is life after death, the Moose will look to stay competitive on the diamond next year as they will only graduate two seniors. Zimmerman to Midland University and Chance Strand to Adams State University.

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