3v3 Live Soccer Tournament comes to Alamosa


ALAMOSA – This past weekend on August 12th 3v3 Live presented by Bownet continued their soccer tournament tour in Carroll Park with participants hailing from Alamosa, Pueblo, New Mexico and Texas. The 3v3 Live Soccer Tournaments are a touring national soccer tournament that features three players on a team age 6 to adult. The three players a team makes for maximum contact with the ball and increased scoring chances.

3v3 utilizes non-chronically based tournament registration, meaning that kids don’t necessarily play their own age. Same with gender, as there are plenty of co-ed teams and divisions. The use of a simple gold and silver designation helps a team to determine future opponents so if a team feels they play above their age they can enter with a gold designation and ensure facing older opponents.

The tournaments are a great way for youngsters all around the nation to learn soccer in an environment where they are placed against similar skill levels and guaranteed playing time or for experienced players to test their mettle and hone their skills against stronger and stronger opponents. Even though the tournaments are in their inaugural year they have already gained plenty of traction holding Juggling and Goal of the Year contests as well as participating in the 3v3 Soccer World Championships at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex near Orlando, Florida.

This weekend there were five different tournaments being played. The Yellow City FC out of Amarillo, Texas, entered in the Adult Open, High School Co-Ed and 2008-2011 Co-Ed tournaments and won all three. Yellow City travels all over the country playing in these kinds of tournaments they hold an 18-5-1 record and are currently ranked number two in the country in the 2009 boys division. Of the two other tournaments being played the Middle School Co-Ed tournament was won by MS United. And the final tournament 2006-07  Co-Ed was taken by Mean Moose u12 with A Town Moose placing second and Super Moose taking third. After it was all said and done there was a final game between Yellow City and MS United being decided  3-0 Yellow City's favor.

This event was a community effort, Sponsors chipped in all over from the Boys and Girls Club, The Optimist Club, Mark’s Outdoor Sports, SLV Federal Bank, Frontier Bank and Rio Grande National Bank.  Alamosa Parks and Recreation painted the fields and the even members of the  Adams State University women’s soccer team came out and after participating themselves helped to referee games.  For more information including touring dates, registration and hosting information visit their website at www.3v3live.com.

Captions: Members of the Mean Mooseu12, Super Moose, Fireball, Moose Soccer, Mini Moose and Mean Moose teams back row: Mimi Lemus, Bryssa Curtis, Kacey Hillis, Annahi Molina, Paige Lavier, Aani Hardesty, Mandy Murr, Abby Wubben, Regan Zook. Front row: Victoria Gifford, Jordan Staggs, Kennedy Hillis, Jayden Wubben, Araceli Molina, Olivia Imre, Reece Rosenbach.

The A Town Moose took second in the 2006-07 Co-Ed Tournament, from left: Zane Zook, Gio Negrini, Brayden Moeller, Tyler Dokson, Jeremiah DeLaCerda and coach Brandin Zook. Photos courtesy of Kelly Wubben