A frustrating nuisance

A small group of Mule Deer bucks are caught enjoying some morning sun on an Alamosa resident’s lawn

ALAMOSA – The City of Alamosa began discussions with the Colorado Department of Wildlife many years ago to identify what can be done with the urban deer. Many do not realize that the deer fall under the authority of the Department of Wildlife and therefore, the City must receive permission before taking any action. After significant research into different options, the City requested the ability to create a plan involving a professional culling program. Unfortunately, this request was denied. Since many of the other options would also be denied or are not feasible, the City is left with no appropriate options at this time. City staff is actively attempting to coordinate additional discussions with the Colorado Department of Wildlife to figure out solutions.

We know many of you are frustrated by the deer population for very good reason. If you have information regarding personal encounters that can help the City as we have these discussions to help the Colorado Department of Wildlife better understand this nuisance, please send Chief Anderson an email at [email protected] or a letter to the police department at 425 4th Street, Alamosa, CO 81101.



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