A Trail of Thoughts: A few words on rainstorms

Rainstorms have been plentiful across the San Luis Valley this month. Seeing steady showers fall from the sky has been a very pleasant contrast to last year. Just as with most things in life, rain showers can bring both pros and cons. For me, green grass, flowers, and the amazing smell that hangs in the air are among the positive things that come in the aftermath of a rainstorm. The converse is that it can make for a very messy driveway and pauses in outdoor activities!

However, I do think that the benefits of rain can often far outweigh the challenges. Even the Bible says that rain is a blessing. The moisture can bring much-needed relief to dry landscapes and even more importantly helps to prevent forest fires! While I have not always been particularly fond of rain and mud, I have come to realize that both can be a very good thing. I would venture to say that those who think rain is a bad sign are wrong! Quite simply, the long- term benefits that rain can bring are worth a few minor and brief inconveniences.

This basic pattern of weather reminds me of the need to stay focused on the bigger picture rather than getting caught in negative patterns. It also helps me to remember that brief periods of adversity can often produce good outcomes because they can cause changes that might not otherwise come. It is about a shift of perspective. Focusing on problems only distracts from the solution. The plain truth is that being short-sighted is not a healthy habit. I plan to be intentional about having a future-oriented perspective.