A Trail of Thoughts: Art and stories

Usually, I am not a big art person. However, there are a select few kinds that I do appreciate. The first kind is, of course, the work of the masters (i.e., Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Rembrandt.) Secondly, I have an appreciation for western art and the work of artists such as Frederick Remington and Charles Russell.

I recently gained a fondness for the work of Alamosa native, Jocelyn Russell. I am positively thrilled that the new monument of Secretariat that she was commissioned to sculpt will be unveiled next week! Her work is so lifelike that it almost looks like the animals are frozen in bronze! I am especially excited about this monument because I have long been fascinated with the story of Secretariat and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the process unfold. Even more important is the fact that projects such as this are a reminder that there are stories worth telling.

In this particular case, a story that never seems to get old is getting fresh attention, which makes me happy. The 1973 Triple Crown win came at a time when the country desperately needed some good news. I find it somewhat ironic the timing with which the story is being retold.

The best stories never go away. I’m so very grateful that they don’t.