A Trail of Thoughts – Choose optimism

We are in a new year! That means new beginnings. Many have mixed feelings about what that means.

I have been hearing a lot lately about how most people’s New Years resolutions will fail by the time mid-January arrives. This is not a very positive outlook in my mind. Why even start something if it is only going to fail? This type of thinking shows that there is a need for more resolve and certainly more optimism.

There is a quote from Winston Churchill that I love: “For myself I am an optimist, it does not seem to be much use being anything else.” This is something I have found to be very true.

This world has enough negativity, so why not choose to have a brighter outlook on life? Even when failure happens, it is never too late to start over. Anyone can start something but not everyone can finish. There are things that are worth striving for.

There are countless examples of people who endured for something they believed was worth it.  We are better off because of what they have done. Challenges can be daunting, but ignoring them or giving up will not make them go away.

Negative thinking is not the answer to reaching goals. It all comes back to a matter of perspective and choosing to stay on the “sunny side.”