A Trail of Thoughts: Climbing

I recently had the opportunity to hike the Great Sand Dunes with my cousin. It was fun, but it was not easy. There were a few times that I thought to myself, “Okay, why am I doing this again?” However, when we got to a point where we could see into the rest of the San Luis Valley, the view was amazing. I concluded that in many ways that hike was not unlike how life can feel at times, in particular the past few weeks. I was blessed with the opportunity to learn from one of the best with Ruth Heide. It was heartbreaking to see her go, but I know it is for her good. I will continue to pray for her along with many others. That being said, I have to choose to focus on the new opportunities that are ahead. I also have to remember that I still have plenty to be grateful for. It takes me back to the simple truth that life is not always easy, but trials are only temporary. I know that God is still good and that there are still good things ahead. It is still ultimately about a bigger picture than you or me. I can still have confidence that, though I can’t see it, there is still purpose even in difficult seasons. For that alone I can still be grateful.