A Trail of Thoughts: Fair?

Giving people the benefit of the doubt. It is a pretty straightforward concept, but it is something that this world could use a lot more of.

Whether the presumed offense is small or large, people will get offended over the slightest things these days. How has this become the norm? From my perspective, this approach does not work. A conclusion should not be reached until clear facts are known.

There are those who seem to like to cloud facts these days. That is not the way that business should be conducted. That is not the way it has previously been done, so why is this now acceptable?

People don’t really stop to think about how they would want to be treated if they were the one in the “hot seat,” so to speak.  However, if roles are reversed, then things would probably look different. These days it is not innocent until proven guilty; it is the exact opposite. If individuals would stop to think about how they want to be treated, I am convinced that the business of life would proceed a lot more efficiently and yes, even fairly.

Things really don’t move forward if everyone is pointing the finger at everyone else. Yes, wrongs must be found out and dealt with, but feeding frenzies are not the answer either.

It is about treating others the way you want to be treated.