A Trail of Thoughts: Happy Trails

My family has a saying that goes: “Change is hard; unless it’s your idea.” For me, that saying has come to be entirely accurate. Chapters in life begin, and they come to a close.

For me, the time has come to start a new chapter. My time at the Valley Courier has come to a close and I am moving on to a new adventure. Over the past year and a half, I learned a great deal about what goes on in this crazy and amazing little corner of the world, and I am grateful for the experience I have gained. I am a big believer in seizing opportunities, and now the time has come for me to do so. I am also grateful that I will not be going far and will still have the chance to put my skills to the test. If nothing else, I leave readers with this: God is good, and He always has a plan. Happy Trails!