A Trail of Thoughts: Music provides hope

Music is a wonderful thing. Life would be rather quiet and dull without it. The concept of music in and of itself can be very powerful. It is a way that so many emotions and even moments in time are captured. There are so many varieties and personalities in the music world that it can make your head spin. It is a truly distinct medium. I for one certainly enjoy my share of music on a daily basis. We are entering a prime season for music with Christmas rapidly approaching.

I have had the privilege of participating in numerous choirs throughout high school and beyond. While the practices may not be the most thrilling thing, the results are worth it. This year I get to be part of the Valley Community Chorus Christmas Concert. There is something about voices coming together in special place such as Sacred Heart Church that is remarkable.

Music is a reminder to me that the Christmas season is meant to bring hope. That is something everyone can use a little more of. Quite frankly, it is something that many are in desperate need of. Music is a reminder that if we look at the true meaning of Christmas, we will find a reason for hope.