A Trail of Thoughts: One day at a time

Often I can get frustrated with myself for not making more progress. It can be in everything from the small things to the bigger picture. I can put pressure on myself and often say, “you can do better!”

It is in those times that I have to stop and think about the progress that I have made. I have learned a ton in the past five years and I’m still learning every single day. Everyone has life experiences that shape them. I am certainly no exception to this rule. The lessons that have come my way have been valuable and have helped to get me to where I am today.

Everyone is a work in progress, that is just reality. If we expect nothing but perfection we will inevitably be disappointed. This does not mean that we excuse what is wrong but it does mean practicing patience. No one has arrived, and that is a fact.

The best thing we can do at times is let the past be the past. I have found my energy is much better spent focusing on what is ahead.