A Trail of Thoughts: Perspective Matters

No matter who you are or what you do, it matters. Everyone has their reasons for the views that they hold. I am definitely no exception. The fact is everyone has a reason for who and what they are. Those reasons are too vast to be counted. I find it to be truly remarkable how much experiences can shape character. 

Another huge factor in life is motivation. People get behind what they believe in. Just look at what a person contributes time and money and that will tell you a lot about them.

Those who dedicate themselves to noble causes greater than oneself should be commended.

However, the bottom line is that no matter what, the truth is the most important factor of all. Truth is an inescapable foundation that everything in this world hangs on. Take away the truth and you take away balance. There would be no right or wrong and no up or down. Even when it is suppressed, the truth will eventually surface. There are those who do not want to see the truth, and yet, it is still there.

These are principles that I know I can take to the bank. They do not change, and they never will. I have full confidence that no matter what, the truth will win in the end. I will always be grateful for that fact.