A Trail of Thoughts: The high ground

Like so many others, I am saddened that there have been more needless and heinous acts of violence and loss of life. To provide some hope, I am going to take my focus to higher ground both literally and figuratively.

In the literal sense, the mountains around the entire San Luis Valley are spectacular this year. Thanks to much-improved moisture levels, the grass is high, and the wildflowers are in peak season and spectacular. When it comes to the flowers, my personal favorites include the Scarlet Paintbrush and Little Pink Elephants. Both flowers are commonly found at high altitudes. Wildflowers are a reminder that beauty can be found no matter where you go. However, it often requires a choice to go and see them.

Going higher can also relate to words that are said. Instead of using tragedy as an excuse to make inflammatory comments as the left has done, there should be messages of healing and unity being spread. Times like this should be cause for reflection regarding the way we treat our fellow man. There should still be a place for civil discourse.

As with most aspects of life, taking the high road is a choice. I for one do not think it is a good decision to turn to dirty tactics at the expense of those who are hurting. There are choices around every turn and I want to choose wisely. However, the one thing that is even more important to remember is the fact that there is a Heavenly Father that is ready and waiting to bring healing to those who will choose to turn to Him in their time of need.