A Trail of Thoughts: Was that really necessary?

There comes a point when issues need to be put to rest. From my perspective, we live in a society that gets offended over anything and everything. I recently heard a statistic that listed the things that people in the U.S. have found to be the most offensive issues over the past several years. Most of the sources for offense had nothing to do with any of the major issues that this country faces. It was over petty things like Starbucks Coffee Cups and wearing Native American costumes on Halloween.

I guess that is an  unfortunate part of what happens when we live in a country that has been given so much. I find getting offended over small things rather silly when people in third world countries are drinking water we wouldn’t give to our dogs! Sometimes, trivial matters just don’t need attention.

I fully understand that there are some issues that are worth getting upset about, but, offense doesn’t have to be an incessant noise. It seems that there are those out there just waiting to be offended.

Life is too short to live in constant annoyance and frustration. Life is crazy enough as it is; there is really no need to add to the madness. I am big on setting priorities, and nonsense is not one of those things that I like to give attention to.