A Trail of Thoughts: Whom to trust? A good question

Who can you trust? That is a question that I believe everyone has to answer at some point.

With literally millions of storylines swirling across the globe daily, the quest for truth can become daunting.

While I maintain that the way to truth is through facts, the idea of having someone that you can trust also is critical.

I choose to exercise a great deal of caution when it comes to who and what I believe. Those sources that I do trust have proven themselves to be trustworthy.

Trust is valuable for every aspect of life. This idea brings me back to the constant feeding of information that we are all subjected to regularly. The source of information should always be considered.

Who or what is presenting the narrative, and what is their objective?

I generally discard any information that does not come from a trusted source. Conclusions should not and cannot come from 30- second sound clips on the evening news or even rumor.

Knowing the full story requires being willing to search for facts. All relevant narratives have more to them than just what is seen on the surface.

I, for one, like to have a clear picture rather than a hazy one. The image you get depends on the quality of the lens being used.