A Trail of Thoughts: Why facts really matter

In this day and age of instant news access, narratives come from every direction.

Anyone can seemingly mouth off about whatever they want without even taking time to think about what they are saying.

However, those who are telling these stories often forget that no matter what kind of narrative is said, there is no changing fact.

Many somehow think that by erasing history; somehow, they will feel vindicated. I find that idea to be absurd.

No matter what they do, they will ultimately never erase reality.

America is blessed as no other country has been, and yet some think they have been wronged because they can’t have whatever they want? It makes little sense. Conveniently changing a story to make one feel justified does not make any difference whatsoever in the big scheme of things. The facts do not disappear, no matter how hard some may try to erase them. Revising history is just one of the many ways that the left attempts to embellish the truth and change the rules, all while trying to make their cause look like some moral crusade. That is not my idea of morals. There is still something to be said for the foundations and laws that have made this nation great. I believe the world would be in a very different place without them. Everyone may be entitled to their opinions, but not their own facts.