A Trail of Thoughts: Winters' Lessons

Winter has most definitely made its arrival in the San Luis Valley. The snow and crazy temperatures are going to be here for a while. I have found that both blessings and inconveniences come from winter.

One of the most critical factors of the season is that snow means water in the spring! Of course, the benefits of water speak for themselves.

Irrigation water and fire prevention are among the most notable items on the list.

Then there are things such as icy roads and having store items where they will not freeze that present a degree of inconvenience.

Yet, even the cold temperatures help to slow the spread of bacteria.

I really do think that the benefits of winter outweigh the difficulties. If the snow and cold do not come, the other positive results are much less likely to be realized.

It could be argued that the ‘hardships’ of a southern Colorado winter are necessary!

In a broader sense, winter also serves a reminder to look beyond the temporary and towards long-term results.

Worthwhile outcomes usually require endurance. But, when a noble goal is realized, the difficulty of getting there can fade away. The end justifies the means.