Adams State to host 30th annual Arby's All-Star Game

ALAMOSA — The teams are set and Friday evening seniors from all over the valley will square off in Plachy Hall for the Arby's All-Star game. While the game does give prep sports fans a chance to see the valley's 'dream teams' duke it out. It's main purpose is far greater. For thirty years the proceeds from All-Star games have gone directly to scholarships at Adams State University to help local ballers get local higher education..

This year admission is $10 dollars. That gets a viewer a ticket to the game, the three-point competition at halftime of the girls game and the slam-dunk competition during warm-ups of the boys game. There will also be specialized rules in order to keep the game competitive. Press defense will only be allowed  when trailing by 10 points or more and in the final two minutes. Zone defense will not be allowed at all.

The girls game will tip off at 6 p.m. and the boys game is slated for an 8 p.m. start.

Hot Shot Boys    
Coach: Jeff Brown, Centauri
Asst. Coach: Aaron Holman
Uniform: Dark                            Number
Ry Adams, Alamosa                              3
Sebastian Palacios, Alamosa                 12
John Duran, Antonito                            24
Jesse Duran, Antonito                           30
Sam Anderson, Centauri                       12
Ryan Gonzales, Centauri                       44
Robbie Cortez, Center                           30
Andres Almeida, Center                          0
Finn Leggitt, Creede/Lake City               13
Carlos Parra, Del Norte                          11
Ripper Fitz, Moffat/Mtn. Valley               23
Drew Martinez,Moffat/Mtn. Valley           30
Zach Sittler, Sanford                              4
Maguire Peterson, Sanford                     23
Kylan Anderson, Sanford                       21
Mikey Fonk, Sargent                             14
Urian Minchaca, Sierra Grande               31

Hot Shot Girls  
Coach: Brice Crowther, Sangre de Cristo
Asst. Coach: Jackie Ortiz
Uniform: Dark                             Number
Tara Sowards, Alamosa                         10
Katie Parkins, Alamosa                         14
Jaqueline Palacios, Alamosa                  12
Joslyn Garcia, Antonito                         24
Yasmeen Diego, Antonito                       22
Ember Canty, Centauri                          24
Alyssa Gomez, Centauri                         22
Mariah Medina, Centennial,                    22
Malyka Medina, Center                          15
Emilee Haefeli, Del Norte                       10
Tayler Chacon, Monte Vista                    15
Isabel Contreras, Monte Vista                 11
Taylor Larsen, Sanford                           25
Harlee Pepper, Sargent                          14
Nina Vigil, Sierra Grande                        12

Top Shot Boys  
Coach: Bob Koets, Creede
Asst. Coach:
Uniform: White                            Number
Angelo Ramirez, Alamosa                      15
Noah Romero, Alamosa                           2
Devin Ruybal, Antonito                          32
Nate Anderson, Centauri                        42
Derek Quintana, Centennial                    33
David Newbury, Centennial                      5
Isaac Borchers, Creede                            3
Dev King Creede                                    44
Narsiso Rodriquez, Del Norte                    4
Rodamond Gabriel, Moffat/Mt. Valley       24
Guy Larsen, Sanford                                3
Jackson Jarvies, Sanford                          2
Cooper Canty, Sanford                           33
Hunter Younkerman, Sargent                  23
Ryan Davis, Sargent                              24
Arthur Rodriguez, Sierra Grande               3
Dakota Aragon , Sierra Grande                 2

Top Shot Girls    
Coach: Jeremy Romero, Antonito
Asst. Coach: Kayte Mora
Uniform: White                           Number
Alana Hackett, Alamosa                       25
Alexis Miller, Alamosa*                        20
Emily Motz, Alamosa                           44
Alyssa Romero, Antonito                      23
Erykah Tallman, Antonito                       2
Caroline Van Berkum, Centauri             44
Kyree Huffaker, Centauri                      12
Delrena Garcia, Centauri                      34
Jessica Gamboa, Centennial                   3
Camille Ruggles, Center                         4
Olivia Madrid, Creede/Lake City            20
Mariah Barbosa, Monte Vista                 10
Kaitlynn Porter, Monte Vista                   4
Alyron Baker, Monte Vista                     14
Caitlyn Paine, Sanford                           15
Allison Harrison, Sargent                         2
Jannelle Aguilar, Sierra Grande               33