Adopt a new puppy!

MONTE VISTA — Conour Animal Shelter still has four of the 10 lab mix (best guess on breed) puppies left! The shelter would like to remind everyone of the costs associated with the shelter and why our adoption fees are necessary. We don’t always get puppies in like the ones pictured here. Most often we get dogs who have been abandoned, mistreated or simply are unwanted. These animals often have obvious health issues.  They are taken to the veterinarian for examinations, medicines are prescribed and sometimes surgeries are required. Our directing board and the employees at the shelter feel very strongly about spaying and neutering our animals before or shortly after they are sent home. We also give first shots for parvo and distemper and worm every animal that comes in the shelter. When you adopt an animal from the Conour Animal Shelter it is in the best all around condition it can be in. Our adoption fees are as follows:

$150 for a puppy up to 9 months old.

$125 for an adult dog 9 months to 8 years old.

$75 for a senior dog 7 years old and above.