Adre “Psycho” Baroz charged with fourth murder in the 1st degree, fourth suspect charged in Los Sauces

Francisco Ramirez

ALAMOSA – Adre Baroz, who is currently charged with three counts of First Degree Murder in connection with property located in Los Sauces, has been charged with a fourth count in the homicide of Xavier “Zeven” Garcia, 24, of Saguache.

According to an Affidavit of Arrest filed with the Alamosa Combined Courts, Garcia was reported missing on Oct. 22, 2020, by his mother, Sherry Madison, who contacted the Saguache County Sheriff’s Office. SCSO Undersheriff McCloskey stated that Madison reported Garcia took her truck to see Baroz on the night of Oct. 17 to collect $2,500.00 and was not seen again.

Three witnesses were interviewed by an investigator with the Alamosa Police Department. The investigator, using a report compiled by Undersheriff McCloskey with the Saguache County Sheriff’s Office and other information he’d obtained in the course of his extensive, ongoing investigation into the human remains found at Los Sauces in November, learned the witnesses had been at a party at the Los Sauces residence of Francisco “Ponch” Ramirez when a truck drove up and the male driver got out.  According to the accounts of the witnesses, Adre Baroz allegedly shot the male in the chest, who fell to the ground. Baroz then allegedly stood over the man and shot him once more.  All three witnesses, one female and two males, separately identified the victim as Xavier Zeven Garcia.

One of the individuals also stated that he later saw Ponch with a tub that he believed contained the remains of Garcia.

The residence of Francisco “Ponch” Ramirez, identified in the affidavit as being located at 19086 CO RD 27, was one of the two locations where human remains of three people were discovered by law enforcement officials in November of 2020. The other location was identified as 18201 County Road 27, the same location where Adre Baroz reportedly resided during the months covered by the investigation.

In the same affidavit, evidence was presented to warrant the arrest of “Ponch” on charges of  Tampering with Deceased Human Body, Accessory After the Fact and Tampering with Physical Evidence, making him the fourth suspect to be charged in the Los Sauces case.

According to evidence and accounts presented in the affidavit, Ponch was one of the individuals contacted by Adre Baroz after he allegedly murdered Myron Robert Martinez, 38, at the Walsh Apartments in November. Martinez, who had been reported missing since Nov. 6, was allegedly dismembered and placed into “tubs” brought to the scene by Ponch and then later taken to his residence in Los Sauces where they were discovered by authorities in November and identified by a forensic odontologist in December.

Also in the course of the investigation, a close friend of Ponch told investigators that Ponch said he had helped Baroz dispose of the bodies of two other murder victims.

Selena Esquibel, 19, of Alamosa, was reported missing in early September. Based on information obtained from an informant who was allegedly an eyewitness to the killing, Baroz shot Esquibel and she fell into a “pit” in back of Ponch’s house. Baroz was subsequently charged with Murder in the First Degree of Selena Esquibel in December. Documents in that case state that Esquibel was murdered sometime between Aug. 30 and Sept. 3. 

According to the affidavit, Ponch said that Baroz murdered a second woman named Korina Arroyo. Arroyo, a 30-year-old woman from Monte Vista, was reported missing on Aug. 28 and has not been seen since. Ponch allegedly said that he helped dispose of both her body and the body of Selena Esquibel.    

It should be noted that Adre Baroz has not been charged in connection with Arroyo’s disappearance. Further, the remains of Selena Esquibel have yet to be discovered. And Francisco “Ponch” Ramirez, who allegedly speaks of having a very close relationship with Baroz, has not disclosed to anyone where he disposed of the bodies of the two women.

This story, which has only been made public since November of 2020, is still developing, but this much is known so far.

Human remains of three people were found at two different locations in Los Sauces, one rented by Francisco “Ponch” Ramirez and one rented by Adre Baroz. Two of those individuals have been identified:

Myron Robert Martinez and Shayla Hammel, who was reportedly involved with Martinez. The third set of remains have yet to be identified.

Three individuals have been charged in connection with the human remains and one is facing charges. Adre “Psycho” Baroz, Julius “Gato” Baroz and CJ Dominguez have all been charged with various felonies.

Francisco “Ponch” Ramirez was arrested and is facing charges.

Adre Baroz is now charged with, among other things, four counts of First Degree Murder related to the deaths of Selena Esquibel, Myron Robert Martinez, Shayla Hammel and, now, Xavier Zeven Garcia.

The Valley Courier will continue to report on this story as it develops.



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