AES donates to Houston school

Ms. Shaw’s fifth grade class at Alamosa Elementary School recently took on a project to help Texas hurricane victims. With help from Ms. Hoffman’s class, they made and sold more than 130 bracelets, bringing in $418.94. A few local business owners gave generous donations, helping the class send a larger chunk of money to a school in Houston, Texas. Shaw commented, “What a generous school we have! Thank you to all of you for your help, donations, and time in making our fundraiser happen. Wow! It is amazing what a little teamwork can do. We have contacted the mayor’s office to see if he could point us in the direction of a deserving school. Our hope is that the money will go to a school that parallels our own. We are so proud of the efforts we have made and we are thrilled with the generous hearts we have. Thanks again! And great work AES 3-5!”