AG Weiser to join SLV County Commissioners in special meeting on Feb. 6

ALAMOSA — Less than a week after their regularly scheduled quarterly meeting was held, a second special meeting of the SLV Commissioners Association has been called for 8:30 a.m. on Monday, Feb. 6.  

The only item currently listed on the agenda is a conversation with Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser.

During the last regularly scheduled meeting of the SLV commissioners, DA Anne Kelly provided an update to the six counties related to ongoing conversations with the AG’s office concerning an agreement made between Kelly’s predecessor — former DA Alonzo Payne — and AG Weiser in the days immediately preceding Payne’s resignation from his position.

That agreement — reached as part of corrective action taken by the AG after the DA’s office, under Payne’s leadership, was ruled to have made numerous violations of the Victims Rights Act — called for a monitor to be put in place and provided with unrestricted access to case files involving victims at a cost to be paid solely by the DA’s office.

Disagreement with those terms, at least, in part, seems to be at the root of Kelly’s concerns.

When asked who called for the meeting, Alamosa County Administrator Roni Wisdom told the Valley Courier, “The Commissioners asked if AG Weiser would join them to discuss the DA's agreement. I know they feel that it just makes sense to get everyone at the table to discuss this issue.”

The meeting will be held in person at 8900 Independence Way in Alamosa. It will be available virtually via zoom, meeting ID# 270-314-6874. Attendees may also call in at 253-215-8782 or 669-900-6833, meeting ID# 270-314-6874.

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