AgBiz program offers diverse internships

ALAMOSA — Agriculture is a central way of life in the San Luis Valley. In response to this reality, the Adams State University School of Business has expanded its programs. In a presentation to the Alamosa County Commissioners, Dr. Zena Buser, Professor of Agribusiness at Adams State explained the opportunities that are available in the program that is relatively new for ASU.

The ASU School of Business offers a Bachelor of Arts for Interdisciplinary Studies in General Agriculture. The degree is made possible through a partnership with Colorado State University Online. The goal of the program is to increase student marketability and advance the practice of agriculture in the San Luis Valley and the Rocky Mountain Region. The program also offers hands-on networking, through the ASU Agribusiness Club and the ASU Collegiate Farm Bureau Chapter. Buser also noted that ASU is working with entities such as the CSU Extension Office and the Rio Grande Farm Park for internship opportunities. Local producers have also provided students with hands-on experience. Buser is grateful for communities’ willingness to collaborate. “There’s no reason to do things separately,” she said.

Students can choose to emphasize in Biology or Business. Furthermore, they have the opportunity to learn soil and crop science, horticulture, weed and pest management, irrigation, water conservation, and greenhouse management.

Career opportunities include small business owners, an agriculture loan officer, commodities broker, farm/ranch manager, agriculture economist, food firm manager, ag policy developer, market analyst, and investment manager.

Other ag-related degree options at ASU include Outdoor Education and Stewardship and Food Studies. Buser expressed optimism that the program will continue to gain interest and provide needed experience for those who hope to begin a career in the rural sector.


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