Alamosa BOE wrestles with mask issue

The Alamosa School Board’s June meeting commenced the evening of June 29. The Board continues to work through the COVID-complications inherent to opening this fall. Of course, students’ safety is their number one concern.

As of now, the Board is considering the idea of presenting students with an option: either attending school physically or virtually. The Board ensures both curriculums are of equal quality. This decision is contingent on both the State’s approval and the local public health department guidelines.

This issue opened up the conversation around what school offers children that they cannot get online. The pros compete with the cons here, as students need stability and socialization. However, the cons of COVID are also present. These facts are why the Board wants to provide students with the option.

There was some tension surrounding the students’ use of masks while physically present at school. The Alamosa School District would only be requesting students to wear masks, not requiring them. Some Board members expressed concern here, but Superintendent Rob Alejo admitted:

“There is a big question mark regarding whether or not it is legal to require people to wear masks.”

The Board discussed, at length, procedures for reopening for the 2020-2021 school year. Alejo reminded members the document is “alive,” meaning it will change according to need. Some questions brought up concerned when and how the district would determine whether or not to shut schools down.

Much of the school year will be touch-and-go, but be sure the Alamosa School Board is anticipating these complications and developing procedures to ensure students’ safety. The meeting ended with the assistant superintendent, Marsha Cody, giving her report. She highlighted members of the Accelerated Design Network team, who set out to work with families and ensure quality educational experience, if they choose distance-learning.

Alamosa School District can be sure the Board is working hard to be sure quality education and safety continue.


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