Alamosa City Council has packed agenda for Wednesday

Photo courtesy of City of Alamosa An example of art to be considered by the Alamosa City Council. “Dreamcatcher” by Kasia Polgoska of Pagosa Springs.

ALAMOSA — Members of Alamosa’s City Council will be taking up a broad range of issues in Wednesday night’s meeting, beginning with the introduction of George Dingfelder, who has been sworn in as the new chief of police for the Alamosa Police Department. That introduction will be followed by council proclamations for both Police Week, Police Officer’s Memorial Day, and Public Works Week.

Counselors will be asked to consider on first reading an ordinance that approves two intergovernmental agreements (IGA) between the Colorado State Patrol (CSP) and Alamosa’s Police Department and Fire Department related to CSP’s continued provision of radio dispatch service. Historically, this IGA has been in place for a five-year period, at the end of which it’s updated and renewed.

Developments with Tierra Azul, the development project planned for property south of Highway 160 near Craft Boulevard, will be discussed, including the Final Development Plan and Plat Planning area. There will also be discussion of fee waivers for the project.

The city council will have a second reading of Ordinance 7-2024 amending the Unified Development Code (UDC) definitions of “dwelling, single-family detached” and “family” to limit occupancy based on building codes rather than a hard number cap for unrelated persons.

The ordinance, described in communication as a “housekeeping issue”, brings the definition of "family" and "single family detached dwelling" in the UDC into compliance with newly enacted SB24-1007, which becomes effective July 1.

That act, passed by the state legislature in 2024, prohibits establishing occupancy limits based on familial relationships.

Council will also be updated on four separate properties that are “at or near condemnation," including a history of action that has been taken and progress that has (or has not) been made. The properties are located at 1516 W. Sixth St., 719 Tenth St., 1111 Railroad Ave., and 1309 Edison Ave.

As part of the city’s yearly participation in Artscape, the council will be selecting eight pieces for the 8th annual Artscape on loan program.

According to communication sent to council members, the 2024 annual budget includes $36,300 for the Artscape program.  

Each of the 15 artists will receive a $1,000 Honorarium and one artist will be selected for the People's Choice award for $1,000 for a total cost of $16,500. 

The remainder of the budget is to cover marketing, pedestal construction if needed, minimal installation costs, two overnight stays for traveling artists, and the potential purchase of a piece from the new artwork either in 2024 or 2025.

The agenda also reflects the first budget amendment of 2024. Details of that amendment are available as an attachment to the agenda but were not reviewed by the Valley Courier prior to press time. 

Alamosa City Council meetings start at 7 p.m. and are held in the council chambers at 300 Hunt Ave., Alamosa. Those who want to attend via Zoom can do so by going to Zoom Link Webinar To connect by phone, call  1-719-359-4580, Webinar ID: 857 5349 2744.

This article has been updated to reflect that details of the budget were included in the agenda as an attachment but were not reviewed by the Valley Courier prior to press time.