Alamosa County approves medical marijuana manufacturing operation

ALAMOSA — After much discussion, the Alamosa County commissioners on Wednesday approved a special use permit for the first medical marijuana manufacturing and cultivation operation in the county.

GreenWoRx proposes to build an operation that manufactures medical marijuana infused products along with an Operational Premise Cultivation Operation. The idea of this type of facility is somewhat controversial. Commissioner Michael Yohn reminded the audience that the board does have to recognize that these facilities are allowed in Alamosa County due to the measure that passed in 2010.

Opinions were voiced on both sides of the issue during the comment portion of the proceedings. The commissioners were quick to remind the applicants about the conditions and requirements that must be met in accordance with state law including access and the use of the products. The representatives of GreenWoRx expressed their willingness to comply.

Another question that was raised is where the product from the facility would go since there is only one distributor in Alamosa. The response from GreenWoRx was that there is enough demand outside the Valley that the amount produced would be feasible. After an extensive period of discussion, the proposal was approved.

Commissioner Darius Allen pointed out that since these proposals are the first of their kind for Alamosa County, there is a need to “do this right.”

The public hearing is just one of many steps these projects will have to take before reaching completion. However, it is one step closer.

The commissioners approved two other land use matters on Wednesday.

The first item to be passed was the proposal for a minor subdivision by Allan and Ellen Cook. The applicants have proposed to subdivide a 4.233-acre tract into two at 12137 Road 5 S. The first parcel, 4A, will be 3.233 acres and the second, 4B, will be one acre. The couple is planning to make room for their son to build on the property. There was no opposition to the proposal and it passed unanimously.

The second proposal was for a major subdivision. Leroy Polkowske is proposing to subdivide 124.84 acres into 22 lots. This project would be the first major subdivision in Alamosa County since 2000.

There have been concerns raised about road and water issues that the project could possibly bring. Polkowske expressed a willingness to comply with county and state directives. The Colorado Division of Water Resources has been involved in the process and has met with Polkowske and will continue to be part of the conversation. The San Luis Valley Water Conservancy District will also be a part of the process. There are also concerns over the amount of water that would potentially be used for landscaping purposes. The board requested that Polkowske continue to take the necessary steps to continue to mitigate potential water issues. The preliminary plan for the subdivision was approved.