Alamosa County awards Chris Rodriguez Neighbor to Neighbor award

Costilla County Emergency Management Coordinator Chris Rodriguez, second from left, stands with Alamosa County Commissioner Helen Sigmond, Alamosa County Commissioner Michael Yohn, Alamosa County Sheriff Robert Jackson and Alamosa County Commissioner Darius Allen after being honored with a Neighbor to Neighbor award for assisting during the recent fire at County Road 109 South since Alamosa County’s emergency team was out of town for training. “We’re all one big family here in the Valley,” Rodriquez said. “You guys helped us out and I’m just returning the favor.” “It was really refreshing to hear his voice and we knew that we didn’t have to worry about anything except for assisting the fire agencies,” Jackson said. “Kudos to him.” Donna Wehe and Scott Morrill also received the award for their assistance but they were not present at the meeting.

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