Alamosa County gives Valley Auto Cleaning a grace period

ALAMOSA — Though Alamosa County Commissioners declined to renew the lease for Valley Auto Cleaning at their last meeting in July, they decided to give the company until the end of September to vacate the premises for logistical reasons.

Originally the company, which local Hertz agent Anthony Jojola uses to service rental cars at the San Luis Valley Regional Airport, was given until the end of August to pack up.  Jojola asked the commissioners for the extension yesterday mainly to have time for a company to disassemble the carport and move it off the grounds.

“It’ll take probably five to six weeks for them to remove it,” Jojola said.

Jojola said that he would also like to keep cleaning the rentals until September 3. After that date the terminal will be home to a corporate Hertz location, instead of a franchise, and he’ll no longer be working for the company.

“I want to be able to service Hertz,” said Jojola. “After the third I won’t be able to service Hertz anymore.”

The commissioners unanimously agreed to extend it since Jojola caught up on his unpaid rental bills and will pay the $150 rent for September upfront. The extension is prorated so if the carport is moved ahead of schedule the commissioners will reimburse Jojola.

“If it’s still there it needs to be paid for,” said Alamosa County Commissioner Michael Yohn.