Alamosa hosts APR Fair

ALAMOSA — This weekend a number of community agencies and businesses are joining forces to help answer questions and give support at the APR Fair.

When parents fail to provide safe, stable living conditions for their children, the Department of Human/ Social Services Child Protection look first to extended family to provide for the children. This Allocation of Prenatal Responsibility (APR) can be difficult for all parties involved. The APR Fair this Saturday will answer the questions of those family members that have taken on this APR and connect them with resources from around the Valley.

“The opioid problem in the Valley has increased a need to keep children safe and for Departments of Human/ Social Services to become involved,” said Deputy Director Laurie Rivera of the Alamosa County Department of Human Services.  She continued, “Many times APR comes with stipulations regarding contact by parents … This is where APR is difficult for family members, most often grandparents, who have to make the decision to not allow their children (the parents) to see their grandkids because the court ordered them not to allow contact.”

This fair is for “everyone who has been granted APR or who is currently involved in a court case with children and anyone interested in learning more,” said Rivera. Community resources from around the Valley will be there ready to give direction and support. Individuals will have the opportunity to sit down with an attorney to discuss options and get advice. The fair is free of charge and kids are welcome to come.

The fair will be at the Sacred Heart Church, 715 E. Fourth Street, Alamosa Saturday, June 23rd from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.