Alamosa lends hand in Spring Fire efforts

ALAMOSA — Personnel and equipment from Alamosa that have been assisting with the Spring Fire are now coming home, Alamosa County Public Health Department staff told Alamosa County commissioners on Wednesday.

The department continues to provide support, however, giving assistance where it is needed.

Along with support, staff are sharing advice with those returning home after the fire. For example, they are urging residents to throw away all food that was in the fridge after being out of power for so long.

Water sampling tests will be passed out to families to test wells to see if the fire contaminated the water.

Information is also being given out about standing timber and how the smallest movement can knock them down.

On Wednesday, there was still firefighting activity in the northern part of the fire, but the mountain range was making it difficult to reach the fires. In the southern part of the fire, especially on Indian Creek, firefighters were also still having issues with the fire.

Kristin Hicks is an intern at The Valley Courier