Alamosa police report obtained March 8, 2019


* Justin Garcia was cited with domestic violence, harassment, false imprisonment, and obstructing telephone service at 2616 W. 1st. St.


* Ryan Garcia, 22, was cited with failure to obey a traffic control device at Fourth St. and State Ave.

* Naqrisha Aguilar was cited with introduction to 2nd degree contraband and unlawful possession of controlled substance.

* Jaylene Wilson, 25 was cited with domestic violence and harassment at 32 West Ave.


* Justin Wick was cited with 1st degree criminal trespassing, identity theft, theft, possession of a financial transaction device, and criminal possession of identification documents at 209 Alamosa Ave.

* Dalton Gardner, 19, was cited with unsafe backing at 1011 Main.

* John Sheridan, 19, was cited with underage consumption of alcohol at 1405 11th St.

* Mark Wray was cited with criminal impersonation at 148 Craft Dr.


* Ben Majala was cited with false imprisonment, harassment, and domestic violence at 1421 San Juan Ave.

* Adam Aguilar, 38 was cited with trespassing at 1203 Main.


* Alan Maes, 58, was cited with trespassing at 1301 Main.


* Greta Wilkinson, 38, was cited with unsafe backing at 1301 Main.