Alamosa ranked 9th in ‘cost of living’

ALAMOSA– According to statistics recently released by the Area Vibes website, Alamosa is the ninth cheapest city in Colorado to live in of cities 5,000 population and above.

On a scale where the national cost of living is rated at 100, Alamosa came in with a score of 90 with its population of 9,671. Federal Heights in the Denver metro area, population 12,173, topped the list at 82.

Others making the top 10 and their cost of living score included: 2. Lamar, 83; 3. La Junta, 85; 5. Pueblo, 88; and 7. Trinidad, 89.

Colorado as a whole scored at 111, same as Chicago. California ranked at 141 while Texas was at 92.

No other valley cities made the list due to the 5,000 population cutoff, but many would probably score considerably lower than Alamosa.



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