Alamosa ranked second safest driving city in Colorado

Courier photo by Helen Smith A recent accident scene illustrates that Alamosa is not immune to traffic mishaps.

ALAMOSA– In a recent study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Alamosa was ranked the second safest driving city in Colorado.

The harsh winter conditions in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado make road conditions in the state among the most dangerous in the country.

Overall, Coloradans tend to be pretty seasoned drivers in the snow, and cities around the state reflect those careful driving behaviors. But driving safety is never at 100% and Colorado is no exception.

Colorado drivers ranked 26th in Quote Wizard’s best and worst driving state study, which is a significant improvement from their eighth worst ranking in 2016.

Car accidents are on the rise all across the country and Colorado is keeping pace. The study by the IIHS associates Colorado’s legalization of marijuana with a 5.2 percent increase of police-reported crashes.

Stoned drivers or not, Quote Wizard wanted to highlight the cities of Colorado who displayed the safest driving habits in the state.

To get rankings for safest driving cities in Colorado, they “looked under the hood” at insurance quote user data. They then calculated which cities had the lowest rate of overall incidents: accidents, speeding tickets, DUI and citations.

In January 2014, Colorado became the first U.S. state to allow retail sales of recreational marijuana, with Washington (July 2014) and Oregon (October 2015) following shortly afterward. With more states weighing legalization, it is important to understand the degree to which recreational marijuana legalization has affected traffic safety outcomes.

The current study was based on the 2018 Highway Loss Data Institute research on the subject, which estimated that the legalization of retail sales was associated with a 6.0% increase in insurance collision claims compared with control states. The study investigated police-reported crashes rather than insurance claims.

Crash rates were computed for each month between January 2012 and December 2016 for the three study states as well as their neighboring states, which served as controls. Controlling for several demographic factors, the change in crash rate that occurred after recreational marijuana was legalized was compared with the change in crash rate in the control states over the same time frame.

The legalization of retail sales in Colorado, Washington, and Oregon was associated with a 5.2% higher rate of police-reported crashes compared with neighboring states that did not legalize retail sales. These results contribute to the growing body of research on the impact of recreational marijuana legalization.

In Colorado, Trinidad was ranked the safest driving city among the top 15, followed by Alamosa, LaJunta, Pueblo, Cortez, Fountain, Canon City, Durango, Craig, Grand Junction, Longmont, Woodland Park, Lone Tree, Colorado Springs and Englewood.