Alamosa Round-UP Mutton Bustin' and Barrel Racing

Sandy Southway speeds through her second run of the night. Southway and Scootin' finished with the second fastest time of the night at 18.38. (courtesy photo by Phillip Kitts)

Aspen Stinemates urges Fred onward during Wednesday night's Barrel Races. Stinemates and Fred finished with the fourth overall time of 18.98

Katie Hostetter cuts the edge on Fame in her first run of the night. Hostetter advanced both horses, Fame and Vegas in the top ten with times of 19.17 and 18.98 respectively

Kody Hanson steers Whimpy around the third barrel and on to the home stretch. Hanson and Whimpy finished  with a time of 18.80, good enough for third on the night and will advance with the top ten.

In the 5 year old class Jaycee Francis holds on for dear life. Francis earned a top score and will be looking to win top prize during PRCA Rodeo.

Ty Cordova lifts his head to scope the path for him and his woolen mount during the Mutton Bustin' event. Cordova will  get to compete again in the 6 year old class. (Courier photos by Stephen Jiron)

Wednesday Qualifiers

Mutton Busting
4 year olds
Raley Bays
Jalissa Burrola
Broly Plane
Bailey Squires

5 year olds
Natasha Forseen
Jaycee Francis
Logan Lane
Remy Lopez

6 year olds
Ty Cordova
Jerek Martinez
Jeremiah Meder
Easton Romero

7 year olds
Jace Martin
Meredith McAlpine
Kevin Scheffield
Madison Squires

Barrel Riding
Katie Lepp, Spook- 18.31
Sandy Southway, Scootin- 18.38
Kody Hanson, Whimpy- 18.80
Aspen Stinemates, Fred- 18.98
Katie Hostetter, Vegas- 18.98
Katie Hostetter, Fame- 19.17
Steve Hostetter, Tuff- 19.28
Maddie Bays, Frostie- 19.59
Sam Smart, Remy- 19.61
Ric Mortenson, Creek- 19.68


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