Alamosa Round-UP PRCA Rodeo night 2

Maverick Harper unseats during his bid for the top spot in Steer Wrestling during slack competition. Harper not only finished first in Steer Wrestling but was also named All-Around Cowboy for his efforts in Tie-Down Roping, Steer Wrestling and Team Roping.

PRCA Rodeo Results

All-around cowboy: Maverick Harper,  tie-down roping, steer wrestling and team roping.

Bareback riding: 1. Logan Corbett, 85 points on Honeycutt Rodeo's Gully Washer; 2. (tie) Craig Wisehart and Hunter Brasfield, 75; 4. Tyler Ferguson, 64.

Steer wrestling: 1. Maverick Harper, 4.1 seconds; 2. Aaron Vosler, 4.5; 3. Jesse Jolly, 4.7; 4. Cutter DeHart, 5.1; 5. (tie) Damian Padilla and Trell Etbauer, 5.3,.

Team roping: 1. Edward Hawley Jr./Myles John, 4.8 seconds; 2. Tanner Baldwin/Seth Hall, 5.3; 3. Clayton Van Aken/Richard Durham, 5.6; 4. Cole Dorenkamp/T.J. Watts, 5.8; 5. B.J. Campbell/Scotty Raines, 5.9; 6. (tie) Erich Rogers/Clint Summers and Lee Kiehne/Tyler Getzwiller, 6.0.

Saddle bronc riding: 1. (tie) Cody Martin, on Honeycutt Rodeo's Coconut Water, and Tyler Turco, on Honeycutt Rodeo's Captain America, 77 points; 3. Creighton Curley, 73; 4. Colt Allred, 57.

Tie-down roping: 1. Treg Schaack, 8.2 seconds; 2. Jace Melvin, 8.3,; 3. Jesse Clark, 8.6; 4. (tie) Brandon Neugebauer and Garrett Jacobs, 8.7; 6. Maverick Harper, 9.1.

Barrel racing: 1. Shali Lord, 17.15 seconds; 2. Cindy Woods, 17.41; 3. Randi Buchanan, 17.42; 4. Lori Todd, 17.58; 5. Nicole Waggoner, 17.61; 6. Katie Jolly, 17.69; 7. Barbara Johnson, 17.70; 8. Sarah Kieckhefer, 17.71; 9. Kelley Schnaufer, 17.75; 10. (tie) Chris Gibson and Jolee Lautaret-Jordan, 17.78.

Bull riding: No qualified rides.

Slack competitor Shali Lord navigates the barrels in a 17-15 second effort to claim the top spot in the Barrel Racing event.

Mutton Bustin' 6 year olds Jeremiah Meder, Easton Romero, Ty Cordova and Jerek Martinez pictured with their prizes along with Ms. Rodeo California Amanda Hop, Johnny Dudley and Dawn Honeycutt.

Mutton Bustin' 7 year olds Madison Squires, Kevin Scheffield and Jace Martin pictured with their prizes along with Ms. Rodeo California Amanda Hop, Johnny Dudley and Dawn Honeycutt.

Sandy Southway steers her horse Scootin' to victory in Valley Barrel Racing. On Wednesday night Southway and Scootin qualified in second place with a time of 18.38, Friday night they took first place with a time of 19.16 seconds.

Colton Kent of Pueblo gets bucked by Crophopper Friday night. Crophopper was named to honor Dusty Claunch who passed away in a crop dusting plane crash August 2016.

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