Alamosa school board approves new staff hires

ALAMOSA — In a special Alamosa school board meeting on Thursday, Superintendent Rob Alejo announced recommendations for the following hirings:

* Erik Melgoza, athletic director and assistant principal for Alamosa High School

* Rena Rilling, math paraprofessional for Ombudsman

* Rebecca Lopez, third grade teacher for Alamosa Elementary School

* Joshua Bruns, fifth grade teacher for Alamosa Elementary School

* Katherine Kronlund, social/emotional paraprofessional for Alamosa Elementary School.

Melgoza went to Adams State and has ranched here with his father for years. Rilling had retired before but decided to return. Lopez, Bruns, and Kronlund are new to the district this year.

The board also extended its congratulations to Adams State for being removed from probation.

Kristin Hicks is an intern at The Valley Courier.