Alamosa youth baseball/softball ends season


ALAMOSA— Here are the end of the season youth champions for each division for the City of Alamosa Parks & Recreation youth programs. 

Starting with the Mustang Boys’ baseball, The Orioles who tied the regular season with The Reds with records of 3 wins, 2 losses and 1 tie. Tie in End of Season Standings broken by run differential between tied teams. The Orioles defeated the Reds by 6 while the Reds only defeated the Orioles by 4, so the Orioles earn the higher seed ranking them 1, Reds ranked 2 and the Mariners ranked 3.  The Orioles then move on to take the End of Season Tournament defeating 3rd ranked Mariners in the excited full action championship game 3-0. 

Bronco Boys’ End of Season standing with the Blue Jays undefeated with a record 6-0 putting them at the number one seed. Followed by, Cardinals ranked 2 and the Marlins ranked 3. The Blue Jays go on to take the tournament defeating #2 Cardinals 12-0.The Cardinals never gave up in that full action championship game giving the spectators, coaches and staff lots of amazing action.

Bronco Girls’ End of the Season standings with the Mean Moose taking top seed followed by Sorm #2 and Elite #3. The Mean Moose go on to take the championship with 14-4 defeating #2 Storm. Both teams giving a full action performance as both teams played in the rain on Monday night July 31st, after being postponed since Tuesday July the 25th, for lightning and rain.

Pony Girls’ End of Season standings with Monte Vista taking the #1 seed, followed by Alamosa #2 and Center #3. Alamosa defeating Center to advance to the championship game against #1 Monte Vista. Alamosa giving it their all as they defeat #1 Monte Vista 19-16 in the fully action pack.

Captions: Bronco Girls

Bronco Boys

Courtesy photos