Alamosans awaken Friday to light blanket of snow

Bella, who is an 8-month-old German Shepherd/Belgium Shepherd mix, gets her first taste of snow, as her owner Eduardo Mhaalce holds the puppy by her leash, while Sawyer Solden enjoys the moment.

ALAMOSA — Alamosans had to bring out the brooms and shovels after a two inches of snow fell to the pavement during the early morning hours Friday.

Residents, business owners and street sweepers went to work to quickly clean slippery substance from the sidewalks and streets.

While most of the snow was shoveled or swept from the streets and sidewalks by noon, Cole Park still at a decent blanket of snow covering its grounds.

Upon observation, an 8-month-old German Sheperd/Belgium Shepherd puppy named Bella was frolicking in the snow.

Sawyer Soden said it was the

first time Bella had ever been — no less put her paws — in the snow.”

Soden, who is a native of Rocky Ford, has been living in Alamosa for four years, as he is a senior who is expecting to graduate in May with a business management degree and finance at Adams State University.

“She was making dog angels out there,” Soden said. “It was pretty cute.

Soden’s friend, and owner of Bella, Eduardo Mhaalce, who is native of Center and is a sophomore at Adams State University, is majoring in cellular and molecular biology at Adams State University.

Mhallce said Bella was running around and rolling in the snow.


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