Amarah’s 151st

Jesus said in Matthew 25:40 (KJV), “Whatever you’ve done unto the least of these (kids), you’ve done it unto me.”


He came into my life

He laughs

knowing he’s all controlling

Fear fell upon my face

And mom

mom is without knowing

His hugs are deceiving

His smile is evil

Even his laugh is misleading

He came in at night

To steal my heart of any light

His grip always tight

His words caused much fright

His actions made me want to flee

But where would I go and who would believe

Feeling unprotected

I soon felt neglected

Bruises, scars, broken bones

Meetings with people I didn’t know

Do they want to help or just stare in unbelief

Flashing came from behind the cameras

Jail time for this monster

Maybe, just maybe, this will be his end.

Dear God, please let my monster stay away.


He came back with his smirk

What I thought was his ending was only his beginning

Unwilling to work

While he promises good to our family

He falls back quickly once mom goes to work

Nothing can make this man go away

My monster is still here

Bringing pain from his hands

And all sorts of fear

No one stepped in to keep my monster away

I felt unseen, unheard and misunderstood

Run but I couldn’t hide

Try as I might to get away

He pulled me close and made me stay

With hugs at night and tears in his eyes

Always trying to make his wrongs, right

With his, “I love you’s and promises to do right”

His apologies were just excuses

To begin his abuses

One moment he’s sorry,

the next he’s not

Ready to punish me

For the demons inside of him

Head butts that made me unconscious

Belt whipping that turned into beatings

Late night drives that tormented my nights

These were nightmares

That were my real life

Hide the knives!

Find the remote!

Hide my emotions from his hands that caused fight

Fright to my night that once held light

His evil smirk

His evil laugh

Studies of trying to solve why he hated me

Led me to hating me

Hide what I like

Do what he likes

Become invisible

To protect the ones who are visible

Don’t show my struggle

Stay still until he’s done


Hands over my lips

Speak of this and you will slip

Slip onto his words

Fall into his grip

The grip of fear

The grip that holds life

The one to cause death


Well of course my dear

But speak of the pain that I caused

And it will bring you all sorts of fear

So speak of this

to no one.

~Veronica, Child Sexual Abuse Survivor

October 24, 2018


Child abuse comes in many forms. Different types of abuse and neglect manifest as different physical and behavioral indicators.


Unexplained Bruises and Welts:

On face, lips, mouth

On torso, back, buttocks, thighs

In various stages of healing

Cluster, forming regular patterns

Reflecting shape of article used to inflict (electric cord, belt buckle)

On several different surface areas

Regularly appear after absence, weekend or vacation

Unexplained Burns:

Cigar, cigarette burns, especially on soles, palms, back or buttocks

Immersion burns (sock-like, glove-like doughnut shaped on buttocks or genitalia)

Patterned like electric burner, iron, etc.

Rope burns on arms, legs, neck or torso

Unexplained Fractures:

To skull, nose, facial structure

In various stages of healing

Multiple or spiral fractures

Unexplained Lacerations & Abrasions:

To mouth, lips, gums, eyes

To limbs and buttocks

To external genitalia

Behavioral Indicators of Physical Abuse

Wary of adult contact

Apprehensive when other children cry

Behavioral Extremes:



Frightened of parents

Afraid to go home

Reports injury by parents


Habit disorders (sucking, biting, rocking, etc.)

Conduct disorders (antisocial, destructive, etc.)

Neurotic traits (sleep disorders, speech disorders, inhibition of play)

Behavioral Indicators of Emotional Abuse

Overly Adoptive Behavior:

Inappropriately adult behavior

Inappropriately infant behavior

Behavioral Extremes:

Compliant, passive

Aggressive, demanding


Consistent hunger, poor hygiene, inappropriate dress

Consistent lack of supervision, especially in dangerous activities or long periods

Constant fatigue or listlessness

Unattended physical problems or medical needs


Behavioral Indicators of Neglect

Begging, stealing food

Extended stays at school (early arrival and late departure)

Constantly falling asleep in class

Alcohol or drug abuse

Delinquency (e.g. thefts)

States there is no caregiver


Difficulty walking or sitting

Torn, stained or bloody underclothing

Pain or itching in genital area

Bruises or bleeding in external genitalia, vaginal or anal areas

Venereal disease, especially in pre-teens


Behavioral Indicators of Sexual Abuse

Unwilling to change for gym or participate in PE

Withdrawn, fantasy or infantile behavior

Bizarre, sophisticated, or unusual sexual behavior or knowledge

Poor peer-to-peer relationships

Delinquent or run away

Reports sexual assault by caregiver

American Society for the Positive Care of Children. Retrieved from

Until next time, remember, Jesus Loves You, and JESUS IS LORD!