Amarah's Corner: Amarah shares emotions, message for 'Sarah'

Hi! My name is Amarah. Kids are important to me, and they’re important to Jesus, too.

Jesus said in Matthew 25:40 (KJV), “Whatever you’ve done unto the least of these (kids), you’ve done it unto me.”

“Kids like me” are kids and adults of all ages whose parents are, or were, drug addicts, and alcoholics; kids who have suffered, or who are suffering, abuse and neglect on multiple levels; and kids who are victims of bullying.

Hey, kids like me, I thought I would talk about emotions today because that’s what I’ve been thinking about lately. It feels weird that Sarah (my biological mother) is not here. I even forget about my father which is weird. But, what’s really weird is - they’ve forgotten me.

My motto is - If they’re able to forget you that easily, it just shows how much they don’t need to be in your life.

I miss being a kid. I want to be like Peter Pan and fly away to Neverland and never-ever come back, and never age or grow up. I don’t like growing up.

I hate it when you’re a kid, and after you’ve been hurt by your parents abandonment, you subconsciously start looking for a new family - a new mom and dad. A few years ago, I met the mother of a friend and she was so sweet and nice. I started trying to think of her as a mother but she ended up betraying me too and it was Sarah all over again. But, it isn’t good to do that because it’ll get you hurt and nothing good will come from it.

And another thing - judges splitting up siblings like the judge that split-up me and my baby sister. That’s just absolutely retarded. It’s pretty apparent that the law should be changed. It’s not a want or a need - it’s a have-to!

Some of these memories are coming back and it’s bugging me - memories like - how does one abandon one’s child? I know Sarah reads these columns so why don’t you call me, Sarah? Are you afraid to face me? Does it get to you knowing I’m finally speaking my mind and you can’t say I’m being brainwashed? Knowing I remember things you don’t remember? Knowing I remember things you’ve forgotten? Do you ever wonder what I know? Is that what you’re afraid of?

The fact that you expect me to remain quiet is hilarious. You have amazingly pulled a veil over some people’s eyes, and pulled a veil over your own eyes in the process, but you can’t pull a veil over mine.  

Do you want to know why I call you ‘Sarah’ now? It’s because you don’t deserve to be called ‘mom.’ I loved you once and I still might but that’s up to you.

Do you remember when I used to tuck you in at night when I was 7-yrs old? It should have been you tucking me in, but I had to fend for myself and for my baby sister back then. I also had to fend for you.

What was it like for you when you left me? Did it make you feel happy? Do you ever miss me? Do you ever think about me? How do you sleep at night? You’ve been a wrecking-ball in my life. All I ever wanted was for you to love me but you abandoned me, instead. I wonder how you’re able to sleep at night. Do your fake words itch in the back of your throat when you smile and talk sweetly with people? If you have the courage or decency to call me, I would like to talk with you. This is about you and me - nobody else. You have my number.

Thank you, for reading my column. Write to me at Amarah’s “Kids Like Me” P.O. Box 354, Alamosa, CO 81101. If you know a kid like me, or parent, who is an addict/alcoholic, please tell him or her about “Amarah’s Corner, Kids Like Me” in the Valley Courier. Tell them to contact me, or you can contact me on their behalf. If you know a kid like me, or parent, who doesn’t have a Bible, but wants one, please, contact me. I’ll make sure he/she gets a Bible, “…and all the earth may know there is a God…” (1 Samuel 17:46, KJV).

Amarah’s “Kids Like Me” offers non-denominational World Bible School (WBS) Bible Correspondence Courses (free/postage paid) in English/Spanish to kids like me (ages 8-12), their parents, and teens. If you would like the WBS Courses, send your name/age/address and I’ll get you started ASAP! I hope to hear from you soon!

My goal is to help kids like me, and I want to help their parents, too. Until next time, remember, Jesus Loves You, and JESUS IS LORD!