Amarah's Corner: Hunter shares his story

Hello, my name is Hunter. I am 20 years old. I’m writing my story to try and help others who have gone through the same things with their parents, and as adults, are struggling with drugs as individuals, and how it affects others as well. First, I’ll tell you my life experience with my childhood and how it led me to do drugs.

When I was 6 years old my mom got cancer. It devastated my whole family. Anyway, at first I was too young to realize or notice my mom was using drugs which eventually killed her because she didn’t stop, and didn’t listen to her doctor. I was too young to realize that she was using, but I knew something was up. Then, I got older and asked questions about it. Of course, she lied to me at first. Then, she said it was for the pain but she got pain meds for the pain. So, every first of the month we’d be out of food and she’d go spend the rent money on crack and would be gone for days.

While she would be gone, me and my brother would be struggling to eat. I looked and looked for her and I couldn’t find her. I’d have to steal so I could eat, as well as my brother. So, I saw this was her routine and would start noticing where she would go. So, I would go steal food before the 1st to be ready for it. That happened from when I was 8 years old until I was 15 years old. Her drug of choice was meth which a year later, I picked-up, because I saw her do it and thought it was ok, plus kids were doing it and I wanted to be cool. My mom would beat me while she was coming down [from her drug-high]. I wasn’t the best kid, by no means, but you shouldn’t beat your kids because you don’t have your drugs.

My brother left to go live with my dad. I stayed because mom was sick and plus my dad wouldn’t let me because he didn’t like me. And my soon-to-be-wife, later down the line, was 7 months pregnant with my first outta three, now.

I started doing meth pretty heavy and started to always THINK I had to have it. So, I’d steal from people, steal from houses, take things outta people’s sheds, cars, even things out of my house to sell just so I could have it. My mind had to have it. If I didn’t, I’d emotionally hurt the people I love, which is never good.

If there’s anyone reading this, going through the same things I went through as a child, don’t be dumb like me - tell someone! And, if you’re struggling with meth, here’s some advice a wise man told me recently that’s been manifesting through my head. Meth is psychological - it’s all in your head. You THINK about it, therefore you have to have it - well you think you have to have it.

There’s no physical withdrawal from doing meth. You don’t hurt like you do from opioid withdrawal.

I have some advice for you: surround yourself with better people. You are the people you hang around with so if you’re hanging around druggies, people who steal, gangs, if you’re not already, you will eventually be right there with them doing the same thing. Here’s just a few examples why you shouldn’t do meth:

When you do meth, this happens:

1. Your teeth will rot.

2. You will look gross.

3. You will end up in jail.

4. You will lose loved-ones over your habit.

5. You can’t get jobs and make $ because of dirty UA’s.

6. Who wants to be with a meth-head - besides another druggie?

7. Your personality might be great but will be sh-t, soon.

8. You won’t eat.

9. You’ll stay-up for days.

10. If you’re real bad on it you will hurt people you love.

Drugs are no good for anyone. I encourage you to stay away from drugs for you, and for your loved-ones. I promise if you do you will succeed in life and be a great person. Yes, it won’t happen right away but you will see a change and be able to look back at your new life and smile and not miss the old-life.

Thank you for listening to my story. I believe in each and every one of you - YOU CAN DO IT.~Hunter

Thank you, Hunter. Wow. Your story is a lot like mine. I lived with my mom too. I was so hungry I ate my hair and my fingernails and I picked up scraps of food off the floor and out of trash cans at school and the Boys and Girls Club for myself and for my baby sister.

Until next time, remember, Jesus Loves You, and JESUS IS LORD!