Amarah's Corner: Jail inmate shares her story

Hi! My name is Amarah. Kids are important to me, and they’re important to Jesus, too.
Jesus said in Matthew 25:40 (KJV), “Whatever you’ve done unto the least of these (kids), you’ve done it unto me.”

“Kids like me” are kids of all ages whose parents are/were drug addicts, and alcoholics; kids who have suffered, or who are suffering, abuse and neglect on multiple levels; and kids who are victims of bullying.

Two of my favorite quotes are from French author Alexandre Dumas, 1844, in The Count of Monte Cristo. In the story, the Count of Monte Cristo toasted a young man’s birthday. His words from 1844 speak to kids like me:

1st - Life is a storm my young friend. You will bask in the sunlight one moment - be shattered on the rocks the next. What makes you a man/woman is what you do when that storm comes.

2nd - God will give me justice.

Hey, kids like me! I had the privilege to ask questions of some mothers in Alamosa County Jail who are there because of their struggle with addiction. Today is the second story:

My name is Jamie, and I was born in Alamosa. What did I want to be when I grew up? I wanted to be a family. I wanted to be a family because I didn’t have both of my parents when I was little. I was raised by two-sets of grandparents and attended church when I was little and I still attend when I can. I believe in God. All things are possible with Him!

My mother drank alcohol and smoked cigarettes. And, I was emotionally, physically, and sexually abused. I had one-brother and one-sister, and I had a pet named Pancho. He was everything to me and he came in a Christmas Box!  

My grandparents were the most trusted-adults I felt comfortable with talking about things in my life.

When I was in school, some of my teachers were good with me. I made good grades until high school, but I did it! I didn’t have many friends in school; I was alone. I played the clarinet, volleyball, basketball, and boys-baseball. I am very artistic. Due to the past, I’ve learned how to use nothing and make something - anything. When I was in school, I drew pictures of all kinds of things and wrote poems. Now, I journal to God, every day!

I have two children who are my world. I had a close relationship with them until the system took them three-years ago. I took them to church and I taught them about Jesus. I know I hurt them emotionally because of legal troubles and because of domestic violence, and I am so very sorry for it. I cry every day for the pain they have gone through. I want to make things right with my children. Every day I pray God helps me become a better mom. What can I do to make things right with them? Pray, and ask God for the tools and the resources. I am trying to make things right with my children. God knows I try and they must know it’s not their fault. I used to drink alcohol and I used to like to party until I had my kids but I don’t drink alcohol anymore.

My advice for grandparents of kids like me…be thankful God blessed you with them. They are angels.

My advice for kids like me…aim for the stars. Even if you miss one, there’s the moon! Keep shining, Amarah. You are my hero!

Thank you so much, Jamie! And, thank you for reading my column. Write to me at Amarah’s “Kids Like Me” P.O. Box 354, Alamosa, CO 81101. If you know a kid like me, or parent who is an addict/alcoholic, please tell him or her about “Amarah’s Corner, Kids Like Me” in the Valley Courier and tell them to contact me, or you can contact me on their behalf. If you know a kid like me, or parent, who doesn’t have a Bible, but would like one, please, contact me and I’ll make sure he/she gets a Bible, “…and all the earth may know there is a God…” (1 Samuel 17:46, KJV).

“Kids Like Me” offers non-denominational World Bible School (WBS) Bible Correspondence Courses (free/postage paid) in English/Spanish to kids like me (ages 8-12), and their parents, and even if you’re not a kid like me! Teens and adults take the WBS Master Series Courses so if you would like the WBS Bible Correspondence Courses, send your name/age/address and I’ll get you started ASAP! I hope to hear from you soon!

My goal is to help kids like me, and I want to help their parents, too. Until next time, remember, Jesus Loves You, and JESUS IS LORD!