Amarah's Corner: Jessica shares her story

Hi! My name is Amarah. Kids are important to Jesus, and they’re important to me, too.

Jesus said in Matthew 25:40 (KJV), “Whatever you’ve done unto the least of these (kids), you’ve done it unto me.”

“Kids like me” are kids and adults of all ages whose parents are, or were, drug addicts, and alcoholics; kids who have suffered, or who are suffering, abuse and neglect on multiple levels; and kids who are victims of bullying.

My name is Jessica and this is My Life Story

I was born in Alamosa, CO, June 29, 1994, at 8:10 a.m. I used to live with both my mother and father in Garcia, CO, until I was at least 1 or 2 years old. My mom was cheating on my dad so my dad burned down our trailer. My mother and I and my two older brothers moved to Antonito. I have two other brothers and a stepmom and a stepdad.

When I was little, growing up, I was back and forth from my mom’s house to my dad’s and my uncle sexually touching me at 10 and my grandpa doing it to me when I was younger didn’t help the situation. My grandpa was a bad alcoholic and my dad used to be, but he quit. My stepdad drinks too - he is always drinking beer.

I had trouble in school. I was bullied a lot. I couldn’t stay focused and my grades went down.

My grandma was my one trusted adult I could talk with.

I didn’t really have friends in school. But I played the clarinet, flute and piano and I played in band when I was in school and I was in track. Track kept me fit and healthy. And, yes, I was kicked out of band and sports because my grades weren’t good enough.

I started drinking alcohol because I was trying to numb the pain of everything I have been through. But I have to quit drinking. I already ended up with yellow jaundice and am close to having cirrhosis of the liver and I don’t ever want to end up with that. My kids need me.

Heroin is my drug of choice and I’ve used for four years but I wanted to stop using. I started using drugs because all my friends were using drugs but I’m not going to be hanging out with them anymore.

My oldest daughter is the only child I never drank alcohol or used drugs with when I found out I was pregnant. I had my first daughter when I was 16. I love her so much.

But I started drinking again when I left Pueblo and moved back to Alamosa and my mom had my daughter for five years. She is 7 years old, now.

I used drugs and alcohol while I was pregnant with my last two children. I was very lost. I had a chance to get my son back, but I messed that up and now he’s living with my stepsister in Colorado Springs. I miss him and would give anything to see him again.

As for my baby girl, she lives with my brother in Pueblo, CO, and I pray once I get my oldest back, my bro will start letting me see my youngest.

My kids are my life. Once I had them my life changed forever, and I just want my kids to know they are my world.

Drinking and using drugs messed up my teeth, caused me to lose my kids and caused me to get yellow jaundice and cirrhosis of the liver. If I could change anything, I would change the fact that I ever used drugs or even touched alcohol. It messed up my life. I just want it to go back to normal.

My advice for parents who are addicts: Please get help. You’re not only hurting the people who love you, or your children, you’re also hurting yourself.

My advice for grandparents of kids like me: Take your grandchildren and love them. Show them it’s not their fault why bad things happened or why their parents chose to drink or use drugs.

My advice for kids like me: It’s not your fault you went through all that pain. You are a beautiful child from God and He loves you very much.

If I woke up tomorrow morning and everything in my life was perfect, it would look like this: I’d live in a beautiful house with my three children, I’d have a healthy immune system, good teeth, nice job, nice car, and I’d always be with my family laughing, going to church, and enjoying life.

Thank You, Jessica.

Write to me: Amarah’s Kids Like Me, P.O. Box 354, Alamosa, CO 81101. If you know a kid who doesn’t have a Bible, let me know - I’ll make sure he/she gets one, “…and all the earth may know there is a God…” (1 Samuel 17:46, KJV).

Until next time, remember, Jesus Loves You, and JESUS IS LORD!