Amarah's Corner: My Dear Friend, Miss Ruth Heide continued — Part 2

Three wishes:

(1) “Always enough moisture for the Valley farms and ranches to prosper, but not flood;”

(2) “Enough support for the nonprofit groups like La Puente so they can continue to serve

people in need; and

(3) “A home for every stray dog who needs one.”

Motorcycles: “I have been a passenger, but not driving one.”

Craziest thing I ever did: “Walked off by myself when I was with a church group on a campout,

and I got lost. Fortunately, I was able to finally follow a stream bed and find a road and was picked

up by some strangers who took me back to the group.”


Scariest thing I ever did: “Walked many blocks by myself in downtown Lincoln, Neb., when I

was in college, because I was trying to find a store to purchase some school supplies. The angels

were working that night!”

Most FUN thing I ever did: “I have done a lot of fun things including going with my sisters to Disney

World for my 40th and 50th birthdays — those were fun memories.”

Most outrageous thing I have done that people wouldn’t believe: “Riding thrill rides like

Tower of Terror!”

Most frightening experience: “It was pretty scary, after the fact, when a man came into my house

uninvited and could have robbed or hurt me or my dogs…The angels were working overtime that night.

At the time I was very composed and told him he needed to leave because my dogs would bite him

(I had two at the time) and he did, but afterward I realized how badly that could have gone!”

If I could do anything over: “I spent about a year in Missouri after college and would probably not

do that again if I could…wasn’t the best period of my life, although there were some good things that

happened from that, including my dog, Pupper.”

Something I would like people to know about me: “I would most like people to know that although

I am very flawed and have made many mistakes, I am forgiven and loved by a merciful and personal

God, and they can have that too.”

My life-purpose: “My life purpose has been to be a writer and hopefully help tell other people’s

stories and chronicle some of the history of where I have been. I believe that is where God wanted

me to be.”

My life-mission: “Pretty much the same as the purpose, to be used by God in the vocation he wanted

me to be in.”

Favorite color: “Turquoise.”

Favorite flower: “Lilacs.”

Favorite food: “Chocolate.”

Favorite music: “Robin Mark’s music - Celtic, gospel.”

Favorite past-time: “Reading.”

How I became a newspaper editor: “I had worked as a writer for many years and applied for the

editor position when our editor took another job.”

How I got into the newspaper business: “It was not an accident. I believe it was God’s purpose

for me. I admired my mother, who was a journalist, and when I got out of college and came to Alamosa

there was an opening in the Del Norte newspaper, and I began working there and then went to the

Valley Courier a couple of years later. I don’t regret it and believe that was the right course for my life.”

Advice I would like to share: “To think and act for others and to live for God.”

A Secret: “Sometimes in grade school if the school lunch wasn’t too great, I would stuff the leftovers

into the milk carton to hide it.”

Something I have learned from my personal experience with pancreatic cancer: “Cancer offers

some odd gifts. You would never think of cancer as a gift in any way, but for me it has given me the

gift of time, not in the long run perhaps but in the shorter run, time to be with my mamma as her health

declined so rapidly this summer, time to be with my sisters and father, and a chance to embrace the

wonderful people of the San Luis Valley as they so generously shared their love and other gifts with me

this spring and summer. I am so grateful for that.”

Dear Miss Ruth, You are Beloved and Respected everywhere, especially in the San Luis Valley.

What is something you would like to say that you haven’t already said: “Just that I am grateful to

have known so many awesome and wonderful people through my 30-plus years in journalism in the

Valley. So many people have enriched my life, and I am glad to have known them and shared their

journeys, as they have shared mine. And you are one of those, dear Amarah.”

I Love You, Dear Miss Ruth! I promise to, “Keep up the God-work!”

Remember, Jesus Loves you, and JESUS IS LORD!