Another week of softball in the books

With the city league post season starting to wind down action is beginning to ramp up. WOLO plays Team Platinum in the other half of Men’s League quarterfinal play. WOLO took the victory 10-9. (Jiron/Courier)

ALAMOSA — The  teams are nearing the end of the line in city league softball. Competitive Co-Ed is near finality.

Upset specialists Anytime Fitness have pulled off two more. After sending the Snappers to the One-Loss Bracket with a resounding 18-9 win, Anytime followed that up with a 16-9 win to send the second seeded team, Straight Outta Softball, to One-Loss purgatory. That set the table for a rematch between WOLO and Anytime Fitness. Anytime was one of only two teams to besmirch WOLO’s record during the regular season. In the post season Anytime came up with the ‘W’ in a 16-10 game to advance to the championship game. There they’ll await their opponent.

Monday the 22nd action kicks off again in the One-Loss bracket. Straight Outta Softball will face 5-0 / Arlan’s Pro Services on field 2 at 6:30 p.m. the winner moving on the face WOLO in the One-Loss Semi-Finals an hour later at 7:30 p.m. The last team standing from Monday’s fracas will battle their way back to face Anytime in the championship game Wednesday the 24th at 6:30 p.m. on field 2 at the Lee Complex.

Men’s league took some steps forward with quarterfinal play in the championship bracket. WOLO got things going Thursday night by defending the number two spot from the upstart Team Platinum. The favored WOLO team held off Team Platinum by a score of 10-9 to advance to the championship bracket semifinals.

Steel Line followed that up by scoring the upset over league leader Rain or Shine / REC by a score of 28-15. Immediately following the quarterfinals were the ensuing matchups in the One-Loss bracket.

Rain or Shine corrected course by eliminating Rubi Slipper 20-14. The Gentlemen claimed an early lead and would use a walk-off run at the bottom of the seventh to seal a 14-13 game eliminating Team Platinum. Things will pick back up in the Men’s league on Tuesday July 23rd when Rain or Shine faces the Gentleman at 6:30 p.m. to stock one half of the Men’s One-Loss semifinal bracket, at 7:30 p.m. the loser of Steel Line and WOLO will stock the other half. All action leading to the Men’s Championship game(s), which was advanced a week ahead to July 30th in an effort to avoid conflict with Ski Hi Stampede.

Women’s Bracket also got their feet wet with action this week. The top two teams in the league Lady WOLO and MDR pressed their advantages in round one games. MDR knocked off the Rubi Slipper Brewsters 14-12 while top seeded Lady WOLO cleared ‘play-in’ winner The Wet Paintbrush by a score of 18-3.

The Rubi Slipper did some dirty work in the One-Loss bracket scoring eliminations on both The Shop Ladies and the Wet Paintbrush. The Women’s tournament gets going again on July 23rd with a semifinal meeting between No. 1 Lady WOLO and No.2 MDR at 6:30 p.m. on field three. The winner will advance and the loser will face Rubi Slipper for a chance to get to the championship game(s) July 30th.


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