App-based food delivery comes to SLV courtesy of NomNom2go

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ALAMOSA — Brothers/Owners of NomNom2go, Fernando and Julio Herrera, have created a premium on-demand restaurant delivery service for Alamosa. Their delivery service utilizes smartphone applications and a website to deliver on-demand restaurant food to their customers.

Julio and Fernando are Alamosa natives but have spent most of their adult lives working in the Entertainment Industry in Los Angeles. Fernando and younger brother Julio worked on over 100 Television and Film productions, featuring: Gordan Ramsey, Anthony Bourdian, Abby Lee Miller, Wilmer Valderama, Betty White, Keith Urban, and Jennifer Lopez just to name a few. The brothers Herrera moved back to Alamosa to regain a sense of community, and so their kids can enjoy the Colorado outdoors.

Upon returning to Colorado in 2018 Julio said, “One of the services I miss the most while living in the city [Los Angeles] is ordering from our favorite restaurants on our smartphones and getting it delivered to wherever we were. I love getting food delivered at home, the office, the park, the local pub, and even at hotels on vacation.” The brothers agreed, “We loved the convenience!” Fernando continued,  “We tried contacting the big players to bring those services to Alamosa, but we did not even receive one response. We should just create an app for Alamosa, how hard could it be?!”

It turned out to be really hard. After a year of failures, NomNom2go premiered at the end of August 2020 on the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store, and a full website to order food.

Julio said,

“We want to strive to be the most affordable and fair restaurant delivery service to our restaurant partners, drivers and customers. We noticed how the other restaurant delivery Apps in the city were price gouging restaurant owners and customers.”  NomNom2go offers hand delivery and contactless drop-off if requested.

“It wasn’t ideal to premier our business during the Pandemic but we felt Alamosa needed this service more than ever,” stated the older brother.  NomNom2go has delivered to customers in quarantine who otherwise couldn’t get food, as well as delivered dry ice for vaccines. The company also delivers groceries via their app and does early morning and late-night deliveries.

“Our customers have been super stoked! They love getting delivery!” said Julio.

NomNom2go is currently working with Papa Murphy’s, Woody’s Q Shack, IHOP, The Reed’s at Cattails, and Weekends Tavern.

“We are constantly looking for new restaurant partners to add to our roster” said the brothers. On the future plans of NomNom2go? The brothers said, ‘’If we can make it here in Alamosa we can make it anywhere!” They both laughed in agreement. “We want to roll out the app across the Southwest to small towns with a tourist industry, colleges, and with great residents like Alamosa.” Explained the brothers. “We are honored to live and start our business in Alamosa. We appreciate our restaurant partners that have faith in us. We love it here”.

If you want to order delivery, you can download the app at the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store, or visit the website If you are interested in delivery as a restaurant owner please contact Fernando and Julio Herrera through email at [email protected]