AQ Project donates sensory quilts to Evergreen Nursing Home residents

ALAMOSA — On August 4 ladies from the AQ Project delivered 10 sensory lap quilts to residents on the memory care unit at Evergreen Nursing Home in Alamosa.

AQ stands for Alzheimer’s Quilts, and the nonprofit organization makes and donates quilts to seniors with dementia as well as to blind babies and individuals with sensory perception issues. The quilts are made by hand and incorporate a variety of fabrics, from cotton to velveteen, polyester to fleece and corduroy, and many include other items like zippers, pockets, strings and bows.

According to the AQ Project, “The various textures offer a calming effect to individuals who tend to become upset or agitated, especially those with Alzheimer’s or severe dementia.”

Each quilt takes 20 hours to piece together, and the quilters work on the project from May to October each year.

“These blankets have been such a blessing to our residents,” said Maria Quintana, activity director. “I have seen the residents using them frequently throughout the day. It’s so nice to know that our residents are remembered and recognized by others in the community.”