Arrest warrant provides chilling details in murders of Martinez, Hammel

ALAMOSA — Last week, Chief Judge Michael Gonzales of the 12th Judicial District unsealed the arrest warrants related to the alleged homicide of Myron Robert Martinez, 37, of Del Norte and Shayla Hammel, 34, of Saguache. Martinez and Hammel were two of the individuals identified among the human remains of three people unearthed in Los Sauces in Conejos County last November.

Warrants were issued for Adre Baroz, 26, his older brother Julius Baroz, 30, and CJ Dominguez, 29. As of last Friday, Julius Baroz and Dominguez were both being held in Alamosa County Jail on a bond of $250,000 and $100,000 respectively.

Adre Baroz was already in the Alamosa County Jail where he has been charged and is facing prosecution for First Degree Murder and Kidnapping related to the alleged homicide of 19-year-old Selena Esquibel.  He is being held without bond.

According to the arrest warrant, the Rio Grande Sheriff’s Office entered Myron Martinez as a missing person on Nov. 8, 2020. Through the course of the RGSO’s investigation, they learned Martinez’s vehicle was missing from his property and, instead, a vehicle was found belonging to Shayla Hammel.

Hammel was reported missing on Nov. 27, 2020. The investigation later determined that Hammel had actually been missing since late October.

The arrest warrant states that, on Dec. 31, 2020, the Alamosa Police Department investigator spoke with an ATF agent who had spoken to a source of information (SOI) who claimed to have been present the night Myron Martinez was murdered. 

According to the arrest warrant, which is based upon the SOI’s account, the SOI and Myron Martinez arrived at Adre (Psycho) Baroz’s apartment at the Walsh Hotel where Martinez wanted to purchase drugs. The arrest warrant states that SOI described “shaking out of fear” from “the tension between Psycho and Myron,” prompting the SOI to go into the kitchen.

Based on SOI’s account included in the arrest warrant, Psycho came into the kitchen and asked SOI for the knife.  The arrest warrant includes SOI’s description of the manner in which Martinez was allegedly killed, including when Julius (Gato) Baroz came into the apartment and assisted in the alleged homicide.  Julius Baroz also lived in the Walsh Hotel in the apartment above his brother, Adre.

The arrest warrant also describes Dominguez’s involvement in what was done with Martinez after he was allegedly killed.

The arrest warrant states that, after the homicide was allegedly committed, it was discovered that Shayla Hammel was in the car in the parking lot outside the Walsh Hotel. At Adre Baroz’s instructions, Hammel was taken to the house in Los Sauces, where SOI and Baroz went later.

SOI was in the house in Los Sauces for two days, during which Baroz reportedly told the SOI to kill Hammel. The SOI refused, and Baroz allegedly said he “…would…do it himself.”

After two days, the SOI was told to go to a different residence with Dominguez, where the SOI was locked in a room for about eight hours. The SOI was then returned to the house in Los Sauces. Hammel was not in the house; the SOI did not see her again and, according to the arrest warrant, the SOI believed she was killed.

Charges against Julius Baroz include Murder in the First Degree and Tampering with Deceased Human Remains.

Charges against CJ Dominguez include Accessory to Murder in the First Degree and Second Degree Kidnapping.

Adre Baroz, already facing seven felony counts including First Degree Murder and Kidnapping in the alleged homicide of Selena Esquibel, is now facing two additional charges of First Degree Murder and Tampering with Human Remains in connection to the death of Robert Myron Martinez and Shayla Hammel.

Both Julius Baroz and CJ Dominguez are scheduled to appear in court on Feb. 2, 2020.  Adre Baroz is next scheduled to appear in court in person on March 29th.

It should be noted that all charges against defendants continue to be accusations until proven otherwise in a court of law.