ASU HPPE Mental Training Lab open to community

ALAMOSA – The Adams State University Joe I. Vigil Center for Human Performance and Coach Education (CHPCE) is excited to announce that the CHPCE Mental Training Lab is now open to the community in addition to Adams State students and staff. The Mental Training Lab is open from 9 a.m. until 12 p.m. Monday through Thursday as well as 6 p.m. until 8 p.m. Monday and Tuesday.

The Mental Training Lab is overseen by Brian Zuleger, Ph.D., he believes the question many people have is: what are mental skills? Well, they are just that, skills. Some confuse mental skills with personality traits. For example, focus, composure, motivation, resiliency, and concentration are all skills that many believe you either have or you don’t. However, since they are skills, they can be taught and trained. At the mental training lab, we can provide strategies and techniques for practicing mental skills so that people can become the best version of themselves.

Zuleger, professor of Human Performance and Physical Education, is a certified mental performance consultant with the Association for Applied Sport Psychology and a member of the United States Olympic Committee Sport Psychology Registry. Graduate students in theapplied sport psychology program who are working towards their CMPC certification assist Zuleger in daily operations of the Mental Training Lab. The CHPCE philosophy centers around the idea that we are all performers in life and uses a “build it” model as opposed to a “fix it” model. Traditionally, sport psychology has been viewed as a "fix it" model, where the athlete, coach or individual comes seeking guidance only when there is a problem.

Zuleger’s philosophy is that everyone can benefit from mental strength training. Be aware, there sometimes are not quick “fixes” when it comes to mental skills, but that does not mean it is not worth it to address weaknesses or even improve strengths. We ask you to keep in mind that those who work in the mental training lab are not licensed psychologists, and mental skills training is not therapy. If you are struggling with depression, substance abuse, or need crisis intervention or help with an eating disorder, please contact a licensed behavior health specialist.

The Mental Training Lab also offers Biofeedback stations that use HeartMath’s EmWave technology for individuals to train focus, self-awareness, thought recognition, and deliberate breathing. This technology allows individuals to observe the direct effects of their breathing and thoughts on heart rate variability, a key indicator of whether a person is in a state of stress, frustration, and negative emotion or in the zone with a high coherence and calm present focus. The biofeedback stations can also aid in relaxation, regeneration and recovery from the stresses of training, academics and life.

The Mental Training Lab offers a variety of mental skills assessments at an affordable price to those in the community.

To set up an appointment, email [email protected], [email protected], or call Zuleger at 719-587-7404.

Caption: HPPE Department graduate student Riley Robbins, outlines some of the principles of the Adams State Mental Training Lab, now open to the community. Photo courtesy of Adams State HPPE Department.