ASU offering new minor in Water Studies beginning this fall

SAN LUIS VALLEY — If there has ever been a field of study that is relevant both now and in the future as well as dynamic in the crucial role it plays in a multitude of areas, Water Studies would qualify. And nowhere is that more apparent than the San Luis Valley where water is at the core of the Valley’s identity, community, economy and sustainability.

With that in mind, the Salazar Rio Grande Del Norte Center with Adams State University is excited to announce the availability of a new minor in Water Studies with classes that are open to both enrolled students and members of the community who are interested in being part of the vital work that is being done to strive for true water balance for the Valley and across the West.

The program is designed to be outcome based with field experiences that include local and regional field trips. Students and those who enroll in the “community listening course” will have the opportunity to learn directly from water users and managers as well as studying water use on the ground. Additional field experiences include internship opportunities, connecting with water leaders, engaging with students from other schools and attending workshops and conferences that provide valuable opportunities to learn and network.

For those who are looking at professional careers, a minor in Water Studies is applicable to Wildlife Biology, Geography, Hydrology, Civil Engineering, Public Administration and Law. A fundamental understanding of water related issues can also be the basis to being elected to office or employment in local, state and federal positions.

A strong background in Water Studies can also pave the way to developing leadership skills necessary in holding key leadership positions such as serving on local, state and federal boards; water districts, irrigation districts and conservation districts; serving on conservation boards and other non-profit boards; leading in advocacy efforts such as wildlife and river health; and, again, providing experience based knowledge that can lead to holding an elected office.

Water is essential to all areas of life. While that may be common knowledge in the San Luis Valley, other areas are just now beginning to become aware of the vital role this limited and precious resource plays in sustainability and the knowledge that is prerequisite in understanding all its implications.

There is no better time than now to become involved in what will determine the future of the Valley, the state of Colorado and the nation, as a whole.

Adams State students may enroll online, just like any other class.  Those interested in auditing the course can learn more information by contacting the director at the Salazar Rio Grande Center at Del Norte via email at [email protected] High School Students: Contact your advisor at your high school to get approval from your District, they’ll help you submit your registration.



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